Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have to admit that I do not enjoy being a lecturer 100%. There are some part in me that wish to be somewhere else, as an HR practitioner. I long for the days when I wore my cute little skirt to the office. I enjoyed conducting interview sessions for new hires. I feel the passion when I was writing down an investigation report of a staff misconduct.

For instance, since coming back from my Master degree studies, I have been assigned to be the coordinator of Latihan Industri (Internship). With almost 200 students in our program, it is not an easy task to do. It is even worse when you have to do all the clerical work while abandoning your main responsibilities, the ones that are being weighted more for your year end review (you are not getting any extra financial allowance for this). It eats you up when at the end of the year , you see your colleagues getting awards for their research achievement. You feel jealous when you are not selected to be in someone's research team , largely due to the fact that they do not view you as capable of conducting a research.

I am complaining, I know. Hopefully I get to go to Portugal again this year. That would really be a reward for myself.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hearts On Fire

Got my wedding ring today! Woohooooo

I am so happy it's beyond words.

It may not be be the most expensive ring in the whole world but I love my rock so much!

Too bad I cannot keep it, I have to wait for another 4 months plus before I can wear it again :(

Yup, AGS Ideal 0 cut grade :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The story of My Non-Existent Wedding Dress

Ok kawan-kawan ku yang jelita dan comel. Apakah impian kita dari kecik kecik lagi? Yup, we always dream of wearing THE wedding dress one day and we want to have the most beautiful wedding dress that we could ever imagine. It is the one day where we want to look the prettiest ever. Especially on our wedding day because that is when all eyes will be on us, head to toe.

Before I even begin with the story of my wedding attire, I shall begin with my engagement dress. I hired a Kuching-based designer to design my baju tunang. Bought the materials from Kamdar jer (sebab dah takda masa nak gi tempat lain, NO Jakel OR Gulatis OR Euro Moda in Kuching ). Brought the materials with me to a guy who claimed that he had been working with a well-known fashion designer in Malaysia. To make the long story short, I am satisfied with the outcome. He really know what he was doing and I am happy with the cutting, it is really comfortable , the skirt of my long kebaya has a nice soft flow , I had butang Cosry (the 20 plus buttons in the front of my dress) and to top it up I have Mandarin collar.

I wanted to get the same designer for my baju kahwin since Ezain had his baju Melayu for the solemnization ceremony made by him as well. The slim-cut baju Melayu really fits him well, the way we want it to be. Infact both of his baju tunang and baju Melayu for akad nikah were made by the same designer. I do not know what the actual problem is, but I find it difficult to meet him for another appointment (for my wedding attire). He seemed to be out of the country most of the time, and even if I think he was in Kuching, he did not return my calls when he promised to. With just 4 months plus left before my big day AND STIL NO WEDDING DRESS (another reason for the panic attack) I decided to forget about hiring him.

So I did some research in the internet for affordable designers. That is when I discovered Syomir Izwa. Google him up and you will be able to see his designs. I made an appointment with him this Friday. Can't wait, can't wait , can't wait.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anxiety Disorder

I experienced some difficulty in breathing last week and I had it for one whole week. I was quite worried because there were times when I caught myself gasping for air. I really have to stop whatever I was doing and just concentrate on deep breathing. It was not an experience that I wish for anyone else to have, in fact it was scary. For a second, I thought I could die.

I went to see a doctor last Saturday about that condition. She checked me for asthma but said my lungs were fine. Then I told her about my up-coming wedding and asked if I am stressed out because of the preparation. She said it is a common thing actually for bride to be or anyone else who are anticipating such a big event. She told me that I would need to practice deep breathing because I could have fainted if I panicked and can't breathe. That's when she told me I had symptoms of anxiety / panic disorder.

The thing is, every time I had the panic attack, I would be so scared that my heart would stop beating. It made me worry more. There was a night that I forced myself to stay awake for fear that I would stop breathing in my sleep. I was being paranoid. I hope that once I have my trip to KL and get most of the things done, I would not be so worried about my preparations.

I need this strength.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can smile in my sleep now, my tudung keringkam is settled.

We headed off to Kampung N0. 5 after Vic's class at 11 in the morning. Midway, we stopped by at Simply Sedap for lunch. We both ordered rice (though I repeatedly vowed not to touch rice until my 4th June, but oh well). My Ayam Penyet was so big that I could not finish the chicken, asked for a container to carry it home with me so I can feed it to the stray cats.

At 12 ish, Hjh Salbiah called me up to ask me where I am. And 30 minutes later, I met her for the first time. Such a nice and soft-spoken lady. After discussing and asking for the right color ( I chose red in the end, I tried one on and I think I look fine with chili red). And I liked the one that she did as a sample (ros melilit) so I paid deposit. And that's about it. Yup, so I can't wait to have it with me. PM me for the price. I really spend a lot on my tudung keringkam. The price is even higher than the range that I mentioned in my earlier post. :)

So happy.

If you still have no idea what a tudung / selayah keringkam looks like, I found these beautiful pictures here . This beautiful lady is rocking a selayah keringkam with the exact shade of red that I have ordered for myself :) .

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gold Tudung Keringkam of Sarawak

Have you heard of the above tudung (head cover)?

I have been dreaming of wearing one (and perhaps start a family tradition) during my solemnization ceremony. I thought I have this matter settled but unfortunately something came up that made it impossible for me to get one from a lady I know. So now my search for a tudung keringkam maker begins again.

Tudung keringkam is a traditional scarf worn by Sarawak ladies during special occasion like weddings and festivities. It is normally sewn with gold or silver thread. It has been said that this particular Sarawak tradition (of sewing tudung keringkam) is now very difficult to do due to the fact that the older generation who specializes in tudung keringkam are now very few in number. And the price? Easily starts from RM1.6 k - RM3k.

I will definitely not give up on my quest of wearing one on my big day (not yet). My next stop will be Kraftangan Sarawak.

UPDATE!! Hehe So, I called up Kraftangan Malaysia here in Kuching late afternoon after my class at 4 p.m. Talked to a nice Mr. Junaidi who then called me back to give me the phone number of Hjh Salbiah from Kampung No. 5. Will be heading towards Kpg No. 5 tomorrow and see what she has to offer. I am so happy that I finally got someone talking to me and replying my queries and Kraftangan staff are so helpful. To anyone of you who may be searching for a tudung keringkam and are not familiar with this whole thing (like myself) please do not hesitate to contact me. Will help you with the contact person. Everyone should have the right to own a piece of tudung keringkam, so there!


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