Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mickey Mouse Rules!

Just a short entry for today.

While in Midvalley recently, we discovered something about Mickey was going on at the centre court. So Ashik, Vic and I excitedly joined the crowd to see what the fuss was all about. From afar, we saw Mickey Mouse at every corner of the court. Feeling like we were 5, we excitedly chose the ones that we like the most. Hehe.

I wonder if anyone in this world has a phobia for Mickey Mouse. Hmmmm (OMG I googled to find out and yes - it is called Murophobia, Musophobia or Suriphobia. Yikes!)

Enjoy the cute pictures below!

Dari jauh sudah kelihatan telinga Mickey.

Mickey muka garang. and tan.

one of our favorites.

Vicky and I

bling bling

ahhh classic!

Don't know if the exhibition is still on, but you may want to check it out  !

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