Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life lately

I am currently under huge amount of stress - my life is filled with worries and doubts and the demand for answers. However I can still eat and sleep so hehe , but yes, I AM under a lot of pressure right now. You see I am currently just  one step away from making my dream to have a Phd a reality (well, I am sure I still have a million steps to go through to get there but you know what I mean).

I just do not undertsand why some people never reply their e-mails or answer the God damn phone (waseh Gangsta much). Please lah pick up the phone.. how can one not answer the phone for one whole week is beyond me. Did you change your number? Did you move office? Were you not at your desk the whole time? OMG some people should be fired instantly.

The next time around, my collegue and I will cc our e-mails to Najib and Rosmah.
Don't say I did not warn you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mickey Mouse Rules!

Just a short entry for today.

While in Midvalley recently, we discovered something about Mickey was going on at the centre court. So Ashik, Vic and I excitedly joined the crowd to see what the fuss was all about. From afar, we saw Mickey Mouse at every corner of the court. Feeling like we were 5, we excitedly chose the ones that we like the most. Hehe.

I wonder if anyone in this world has a phobia for Mickey Mouse. Hmmmm (OMG I googled to find out and yes - it is called Murophobia, Musophobia or Suriphobia. Yikes!)

Enjoy the cute pictures below!

Dari jauh sudah kelihatan telinga Mickey.

Mickey muka garang. and tan.

one of our favorites.

Vicky and I

bling bling

ahhh classic!

Don't know if the exhibition is still on, but you may want to check it out  !

Sunday, June 10, 2012

1st wedding anniversary

OMG it has been  a year already? Where did the time go?
I must be so involved in what I don't know that I felt like it was only yesterday that we sat on our dais.

Our anniversary was supposed to be on 4th of June but on that day, Ezain had to fly to KL to attend a training.
So we postponed our celebration until he got back from KL.

We wanted to try out Steakhouse at Hilton. I did some internet search and read a lot of good reviews of the place. So on Saturday while in Kuching, we stopped by Hilton so I could ask if reservation for a table is needed. And boy, I was glad I asked because apparently Steakhouse was booked by a group of 70-something rugby players for their annual dinner.

Since we both are not that familiar with great places to eat in Kuching, we decided to try Hilton's Waterfront restaurant. They had a buffet dinner going on and Ezain and I were undecided as to join the buffet line or order ala carte.

We decided to join the buffet. We were glad we did. The food selection, though limited in number for the price of RM79++ per person, was delicious.

I realized that I did not have any new dress to wear. The only unworn dress that I have is a baju kurung meant for Eid. Tapi tak apa lah, baju kurung pun baju kurung lah!

Round 1

Laki aku

suka manik manik!
round 2

round 3.. dah tak mampu nak makan actually tapi harus digunakan sebaik mungkin.

I really don't get what the cactus is doing on our table. Senang dan jimat kot? Kalau letak Orchids mahal kot, letak je cactus, tak payah siram dan boleh hidup for the next 10 years. Come on la Hilton .

kekenyangan nampak.

OK lah itu sahaja update nya.

To my husband, thank you for being a responsible husband, can't ask for more. It has been a fantastic year and I am looking forward to more anniversaries ahead. Kita jalan-jalan for our anniversary honeymoon bulan Ogos k nanti k..

I love you. Till death do us part.


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